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Diversion Safes

Even if you can’t install a floor safe, you can keep your most precious possessions secure. Safes that do not appear to be safes – also known as diversion safes – are a smart way to conceal valuables. The use of diversion safes depends on the circumstances. Have you ever heard that a burglary takes on average nine minutes to complete? Intruders aren’t going to search every corner of your home, so diversion safes are a good way to protect your valuables. Safes designed to look like everyday household items keep firearms, jewelry, money, and other valuables secure! Your kitchen pantry and bathroom drawers will not be suspect hiding spots for burglars. Is there a need for an easy-entry diversion safe that blends in with the environment? Or perhaps a diversion safe that looks like a can of cleaning powder? If you travel a lot, stay in hotels, or have many visitors at your home, diversion safes might be suitable for you. Storing your valuables safely away in a diversion safe is the easiest way to keep them safe from thieves or nosey guests.

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