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Self-defense and personal defense is extremely important today, and also sometimes the tiniest most insignificant tool can do extreme harm to your assailant. The kubaton resembles an average keychain, only 5 inches in length, but as a matter of fact, it is an awesome precision aluminum protection instrument. Kubatons are great for stabbing sensitive vital points, slashing as well as eye gouging. Regardless of what it takes to ward off the attacker. They are low-cost and also literally unbreakable. Kubatons are excellent for men in addition to females.
Our Kubotan Keychain is a device that every individual in need of self-defense really should have! A kubaton is actually a close range baton that is commonly used for joint debilitation, pressure point tactics, and thrust. The device can be clutched in a closed clenched fist to provide solidified punches, or utilized for striking using short head on blows. Numerous self defense experts have discovered how to use the kubatan to maximize the intenseness of joint manipulations and also joint stress factor practices.

Top Security Preference kubotans are made from light weight aluminum as mentioned earlier, and also provide a keychain ring to ensure you never ever leave your residence without it. The 5.5 inch solid light weight aluminum construction and it’s 5/8 diameter makes this self protection device effortless to conceal and also transport. It is also extremely lightweight, merely considering 2 ounces. These devices all have a ribbed grasp as well as a conical end for an optimum infliction of pain on your assailants.

These key chain kubatons are roughly about the size of a common ball point pen but provides you the force to carry out a damaging attack to any individual that risks threatening you with physical harm. In the development of an attack, these kubaton keychains are perhaps the very best tool you can potentially have for protection.

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