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Mace Gel Pepper Spray

Obtain Mace Three-way Action Spray from Top Security Preference at low discount prices. Our top Quality pepper spray is outstanding as a non-lethal protection tool all on its own. What if you could make it far better by incorporating oleoresin capsicum pepper with other components? Well, that’s already been done for you by Mace. Their three-way action pepper tear gas spray is one spray you do not desire to have come in contact with your face.
Our line of Mace items consists of pepper spray, as well as gel– and that’s simply for beginners. We actually have products distinctively developed for joggers and physical fitness fanatics and those who like to take advantage of the outdoors. We have Mace versions little enough to connect to a keychain and also huge enough to place comfortably in your hand like a gun. It is not improper to say that we have a Mace alternative for each and every situation.
Non-lethal self-defense doesn’t have to be constructed as a spray to do the job. Actually, several of the best products from Mace are presented as gels. A pepper gel supplies the advantage of being sticky and conveniently soaked up through the skin. The more the attacker attempts to clean the gel away, the a lot more deeply it is absorbed into the skin. Not to mention the fact the some of our defense sprays feature an extremely hard to remove dye that colors the skin, so the perpetrator can be identified.

Mace pepper gel is truly one of one of the most reliable non-lethal protection products Top Security Preference promotes. And also like whatever else is included in our stock, we offer several models. Take a look at the Magnum, an item that offers you at least 18 feet of precision with the safety of a flip-top safety cap.

The distance of the Magnum Distance model provides is an also better choice. It gives you all the efficient disabling power of the normal Magnum item but covering a distance of more than 23 feet. With the Magnum Range gel, you do not need to be in close contact with assailant to disable them. The disabling power of these personal defense sprays and gels will disable your attacker, and allow you a quick exit. Don’t wait!

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