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Pepper Gun

The Mace ® Trade Name Pepper Pistol ( Gun ) ® 2.0 presents a long reach personal defense with convenient point-and-shoot accuracy and precision. The sophisticated transmission process sprays a powerful stream of OC pepper approximately a 20 foot distance, as well as from any kind of angle. Reload the Pepper Gun with foolproof, convenient, cylinders. Special dual function LED light disorients your attacker as well as assists you in focusing on your intended objective in the dark. Engage the trigger to initiate the steady LED flashlight function. Employ the trigger a 2nd time for the pulsing LED strobe light. This product includes a OC Pepper Cartridge and also a H2o practice technique
Cartridge. Incorporated rail allows you to affix add-ons to your Pepper Gun. 1.5 V batteries included. Life can be uncertain. Your Safety Shouldn’t Be. From the top pepper spray brand trusted by law enforcement worldwide, The Mace Pepper Spray Gun is the personal safety solution designed to help you protect yourself and your family at a safer distance from multiple threats. Keep your loved ones safe and protected with this easy-to-use pepper spray gun, that provides effective protection from a distance. The Mace Pepper Gun does not require perfect aim as the projectiles will atomize upon release. Releasing a forceful maximum strength pepper spray saturating the area with a pepper cloud, which can increase you and your family’s chances to escape a life threatening position.​

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