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The taser is an electronic control device used to temporarily disarm individuals enabling them to be approached and dealt with in an unresisting as well as hence risk-free way. It is offered by Top Security and manufactured by Axon, formerly TASER International. It discharges two small projectiles designed to pierce the skin as well as remain attached to the target, at 120 mph, The distance extends approximately 15 feet. The darts are affixed to the major unit by thin shielded copper cord and also provide a regulated electric current developed to disrupt muscle control triggering “neuromuscular incapacitation”, which is commonly mistaken for loss of consciousness by law enforcement as well as onlookers. The effects of a taser might just be localized pain or intense uncontrolled spasmodic contractions. Tasers are marketed as Non-lethal.

The initial taser electronic control device tool was introduced in 1993 as a less than-lethal force choice for police to utilize to subdue fleeing, hostile, or harmful individuals, who would have otherwise gone through more lethal force options such as guns.

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