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Telescopic Steel Batons

Top Security Preference Telescopic Steel batons expands from 10″ to 26″ with a easy twist of the wrist. These batons are premium quality structured black solid steel consisting of three heavily constructed tubes.
These telescopic expandable steel batons are relied on as well as made use of by security personnel and policemen worldwide. They consist of sturdy, heavy duty construction.

KEEP IN MIND: Our trial tests as well as the evaluations of hundreds of consumers prove that these batons are not such as the cheaper versions and will open and close without hassle.
This Top Security Preference protective telescopic expandable steel baton is constructed from the top-quality steel to supply a destructive blow to an assaulter.

Its capacity to extend in a fraction of a second when needed gives you the necessary time and space to defend yourself and also provide an advantage for striking your assailant. The baton is expanded merely by snapping your wrist.
This reliable and damaging weapon is the top weapon used by Police Officers throughout the globe.

When retracting the baton from its expanded position, merely press the tip downward onto a hard surface area like concrete. Ensure that the baton is upright as well as not held at an angle when striking down onto the surface, or the baton could end up being harmed. Instructions are provided

A belt clip with holster are also included for fast accessibility. With the window breaker tip it can be used to break a window in the event that you are ever trapped in a vehicle and need to escape.

For years armed forces, cops, and safety and security forces have actually made use of batons. They are currently coming to be very popular in the noncombatant market and general public as a budget-friendly non-lethal self-defense alternative, particularly since the construction of telescopic (retractable) variations that permit it to be inconspicuously carried. The baton can be utilized with wide strikes as well as, obstructing assaults, and can also can be used for leg sweeps. This is an awesome, powerful low-cost and efficient self defense tool. Get yours now, while they last at a cost you can afford.

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