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Throwing Stars

Throwing stars, also known as shuriken or naginata, are weapons that were popularized by Japanese samurai during the Edo period. They are usually made from metal and have a small blade attached to one end of a shaft. They are used for throwing at an enemy and can be used for self defense.
There are several different types of throwing stars and each has its own unique shape and purpose. The most common types are the bo (sword), tanto, shuriken, katana, and kusarigama.
The bo was originally a sword and later became a type of throwing star. It was a favorite weapon of the Japanese samurai because it was easy to carry and could be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. A bo is typically about two feet long with a blade that is between three and four inches long. The handle is about six inches long and made of wood or metal. The tip of the bo is blunt but can be sharpened.
The tanto is a long knife that was originally designed to be used as a sword. It has a blade that is about five inches long and a handle that is about two feet long. The tanto is used for thrusting rather than slashing.
The shuriken or naginatas are short knives that are often used as throwing stars. They are generally between two and three inches long with a blade that is about half an inch wide. They are often made from metal but can also be made from glass, bamboo, or other materials.
The katana is a very dangerous sword that is used primarily for cutting. The katana has a blade that is about twenty inches long and a handle that can be up to seven feet long. It was originally designed to be used against armored knights but is now used mainly by the Japanese police.
The kusarigama is a type of sword that was used during the Edo period. It is about eighteen inches long and has a curved blade that is about three inches wide. The handle is about eight inches long.
Each of these types of throwing stars has its own unique characteristics and uses. They all have sharp points and are usually made from metal or other materials.

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