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12 Inch Telescopic Steel Baton


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12 inch telescopic steel baton in your hand with a flick of the wrist! This expanding baton comes with a convenient belt clip and key ring for easy access. Simple, effective self-defense with extra reach. Never be caught unprepared! Closed length: 6.5″ Expanded length: 12 3⁄8″

These expandable batons are a great weapon for self-defense. They are made for easy expansion. You can choose between a 6.5 inch closed length, 12 inch closed length, 16 inch closed length, or 26 inch closed length.

The Telescopic Baton is a great self-defense weapon. It can be used to hit an attacker from a distance and is very effective against attackers who are in close proximity.

The telescopic Baton is a baton that is usually a three part system. The baton is thicker at the end that is furthest away from the handle. The baton can be stored in a carrying case when not in use.

If you are looking to scare away an attacker, be sure to extend your baton. The action of extending the baton can scare off an attacker.

The baton can be of four different sizes. The baton size is determined by the size of the user. A smaller user should stay with the 12 or 16 inch version because it is easier to control.

Weight 0.55 lbs

Plasma, Gold, Gray


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