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Automatic Expandable 20.5″ Steel Baton


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The Automatic Expandable Steel Baton is a heavy duty tool that can be retracted or expanded in a single motion. It is coated to prevent corrosion and has a firm rubber handle for a solid grip. When the baton is extended, simply push the tip with your palm to retract.

The baton is easy to close, the user doesn’t need to strike the tip of the baton on a hard floor or struggle to close the baton.

How A Simple Button Makes The Baton Work on It’s Own

Your attacker won’t know the tables have turned until it’s too late!

The automatic expanded steel baton is only 20.5 inches expanded, very compact and concealable in its retracted position

Durable and strong construction for durability and strength

Split Second, Smooth Release

It’s ideal for people who need to break glass, people who need to access emergency exits, and people who work in security.

Weight 1.5 lbs


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